Businesses require guidance on regulation and its impact on their operations.  We offer expert advice as to what the regulations require and how to develop a sound and reasonable approach to compliance.

strategic Compliance

Disputes occur-- with governmental agencies, neighbors, and other businesses.  We understand the players, the interplay of tort law and environmental law, and how to resolve disputes.

Our Services

S Deatherage Law, PLLC

We understand the multiple issues that arise with permitting new or existing facilities.  Working with government agencies, state and local taxing and economic development entities, we help the business find the best location. 

Dispute resolution

We have advised clients regarding hundreds of transactions.  The experience includes due diligence, contractual negotiations involving indemnities, representations and warranties, environmental escrow and remediation agreements, review and commenting on Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Reports.  We work with clients, consultants, and counter parties to resolve issues and close transactions.



Permitting and Siting